Monday, May 28, 2007

Monkeys, lizards, birds and barnyard animals… Plenty of life on Isla de Ometepe

Not to mention two gigantic active volcanoes that are known to erupt every 30 years or so. Wendy and I set out to explore this wonderful island full of mysteries, nature and opportunities to relax. We decided to stay at a hotel called Charco Verde. The Hotels call to fame is a wonderful beach head as well as a nearby green lagoon rumoured to house the island witch. The island witch is known to come out at night and protect the golden throne of a now-defunct king of the island of Ometepe. We didn’t see either when we visited the lagoon but we did see some pretty birds.

Saturday was spent travelling with our local tour guide, Daniel, who showed us the beautiful Santo Domingo beaches, the petroglyphic Maya art near the Magdalene Farm as well as the city of Altagracia. We also saw the Eye of the river where an eye-shaped spring feeds an important river on the island. No one quite understands how the spring gets its water but it has never run dry. If you swim in the eye, you feel water coming up. I imagine it has something to do with all the volcanic activity going on around this island. We swam and swam some more in this beautiful, cool, green island.

Sunday, we slept in and I slept an amazing 10 hours! This has not been done since I started at Schulich. After a hearty breakfast, Wendy and I sat out to explore a nature trail near the hotel. We saw lizards, birds, plenty of insects and most important, great picture scenes of the local coast and the Madena Volcano. Upon our departure of island on Sunday, we had an amazing shot of the La Conception (second and larger volcano on the island). We’ll be back in three weeks with Jessica and Wendy’s cousin and husband. We expect to hike to see the San Ramon Waterfalls on the Madena Volcano. They are said to be 120 metres high. Ometepe is a little slice of natural paradise in Nicaragua… soon to be overrun by tourists so make your way there quickly!

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